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5 October 2021 - 6 October 2021
Virtual, Switzerland
Quantum Industry Day in Switzerland 2021



Jacques Haesler

Lead of Space Activity,


Quantum science & technology in
Switzerland & EU

Martina Hirayama

State Secretary, State Secretariat for Education Research and Innovation at Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research

Future of Swiss Quantum Technologies in Europe

Alexandre Pauchard



Fraunhofer – IBM collaboration: a strong push for the quantum industry?

Oliver Ambacher


Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Solid State Physics IAF

QuIC: The European Quantum Industry Consortium

Laure Le Bars

Research project Director,


Keynote Communication

Wolfgang Tittel


QuTech/Kavli/EEMCS, TU Delft The Netherlands

Quantum Sensing and Imaging: From the Laboratory to Near-Term Commercial Applications

Carl Williams

Acting Director,

Physical Measurement Laboratory NIST

20 years of quantum innovation

Grégoire Ribordy

CEO and co-founder,

ID Quantique

Panel Discussion

A. Pauchard, O. Ambacher, L. Le Bars, W. Tittel, C. Williams, G. Ribordy

Building a Quantum Career (Session A)

12:30 Welcome:

  • Fabio Scafirimuto, Education, Outreach and community Europe Lead, IBM Research-Zurich
  • Gabriele Raino, Head of QuanTech Workshops, ETH Zürich


12:35 Moritz Fontboté Schmidt/Anja Ulrich, Students, ETH Zurich

12:50 Marcel Pfaffhauser, Intern, IBM Research-Zurich/ Uni Lugano

13:05 Elisa Baumer, Intern/PhD, IBM Research-Zurich/ ETH Zurich

13:20 Félix Bussières & Martin Felle, VP Technology & Innovation, ID Quantique

13:40 Gabriel Puebla-Hellmann, CEO, QZabre

Quantum Instrumentation (Session B)

Moderator: Christoph Hellings, ETH Zurich

14:00 Labber Quantum [Simon Gustavsson, Principal Research Scientist at EQuS MIT, Quantum R&D Manager at Keysight Technologies]

14:20 Quantify: an open-source data acquisition platform for quantum computing and solid-state physics [Adriaan Rol, Director R&D, OrangeQS]

14:40  QCCS Software [Moritz Kirste, Application Scientist, Zurich Instruments]

Quantum Computing (Session C)

14:00 Welcome:

  • Fabio Scafirimuto, Education, Outreach and community Europe Lead, IBM Research-Zurich
  • Mira L. Wolf-Bauwens, Research Innovation Leader for Quantum IBM Research-Zurich

14:03 German roadmap in Q Technology [Stefan Filipp, Professor, TUM]

14:30 Bridging academia, industry and society [Sabrina Maniscalco, Professor, CEO, Uni Helsinki]

15:00 Break

15:10: Quantum Computing Applications [Amira Abbas, Researcher, IBM Research-Zurich]

15:45 ETH/PSI new Quantum Center [Jonathan Home, Professor, PSI/ETH]

16:10 TBD [Eduardo Miranda, Professor, Uni Plymouth]

16:35 Building small, fast and hot spin qubits [Dominik Zumbühl, Professor, Uni Basel/NCCR)

Quantum-Safe Security (Session D)

14:00 Year 2 in the Quantum Decade, Time to act [Axel Foery, EVP Quantum-Safe Security,  ID Quantique]

14:30 QRNG in mass market applications [Thomas Stengel, Senior Director of BusinessDevelopment, ID Quantique]

15:00 Break

15:15: QKD integration with IPsec encryption [Simon Bryden, Manager Consulting Systems Engineerng, Fortinet]

15:45 Practical Use Case of a QKD deployment [Bruno Gonçalves, Cybersecurity Business Unit Manager, Warpcom]

16:15 Quantum in Space  [Bruno Huttner, Director of Strategic Quantum Initiatives, and a Quantum Key Distribution Expert, ID Quantique]

Quantum Sensor (Session E)

14:00 Transferring new technologies from research to industry - Insights from the perspective of a customer facing [Katja Glass and Melvyn Ho, Director Innovation Funnel, Rohde & Schwarz]

14:30 Quantum Sensors – challenges and chances [Janine Riedrich-Moeller, Robert Bosch GmbH]

15:00 Break

15:15: macQsimal: Quantum sensor prototypes [Sylvain Karlen, Senior Project Manager, CSEM]

15:35 Measuring human brain activitiy with optically-pumped magnetometers [Lauri Parkkonen, Professor, University of Aalto/Megin Oy]

15:55 Quantum sensors open a new diagnostic window in pediatric clinical neurophysiology [Philip Broser, Leiter Neurophysiologische Diagnostik, Stiftung Ostschweizer Kinderspital- KER-Zentrum]

16:15 Live Industry tours: a cool quantum company featured live by their CEO - QZabre, LigenTec, Qnami, MicroRsystems

Entrepreneurship in Quantum Technologies (Session F)

15:15 Introduction [Michele Collodo, Application Scientist QT, Zurich Instruments Ltd] 

15:20 Entrepreneurship Landscape [Francesco Kienzle, Advisor, Euresearch]

15:30 Building your company [Mathieu Munsch, CEO, Qnami]

15:50 Investing in Quantum [Olivier Tonneau, Partner, Quantonation]

An introduction to Quantum Computing with Qiskit

James Wootton

Research Staff Member,

IBM Research-Zurich

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